May Tree Farm chickens are “free-roaming”.  The chickens are completely unconfined during all daylight hours.  They will naturally consume about 25% of their total diet in grass (never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides).  They also eat a wide variety of insects.  Their diet is supplemented with non-medicated, inspected, quality grains.

May Tree Farm allows chickens to grow for 12-14 weeks.  They develop slowly and naturally.  Because they are able to run, the muscles are more fully developed.  Because they are free roaming, they are able to vary their diet with insects and fresh greens. This gives the meat a nice firm texture and full bodied flavor.  It’s delicious and unlike anything else we’ve ever tried.

We sell our chickens as whole birds.  They can be baked, roasted, grilled or cut up for frying, sauteing or baking.

$5.00/lb  we currently have whole chickens ranging in size from 2 to 4 pounds each.