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If a tree falls on a farm......

pine tree6If a tree falls on a farm, and doesn’t break something; is it a miracle?   YES!!!  and we are thankful for it.  During the windstorm on Wednesday, this pine tree came down across the driveway to the pasture.  It missed the cattle trailer by inches and literally touched the barn, breaking only a little chip of wood at the corner and a gutter that Keith was planning to replace anyway.

The other thing you cannot see in this picture is that the EXACT spot where the tree landed is where our daughter parks the truck every day after she does her chores in the pasture.  The only reason the truck wasn’t there on Wednesday is because it was having a brake job at our mechanics house.   We cannot believe our blessings!

The only downer is that the tree did bring down one of the apple trees.  If you saw my post earlier in the summer you’ll know that this year is the first time we have gotten a good crop of apples (I think we got a total of 5 last year; but this year they filled many freezer bags).  We still have one of the apple trees but they are the old fashioned kind and need a partner tree to pollinate them so they can bear fruit.  We will plant another one but we might not get any more apples for a while:(

keith and brittany hauling away logs

Real men wear logging chains around their necks!

Real men wear logging chains around their necks!Clearing the path to the pasture.We will have plenty of kindling for our winter fires!The stump in the center is what's left of one of the apple trees.The damage to the barn. The tree is touching the barn but did not break the roof or wall. Hallelujah!Tree by the barn. The chickens are not trapped or injured. They're just nosey!

I think the person who coined this phrase must have had chickens.  On Monday night, during the “gulley washer” there must have been 20 chickens sitting beside their coops, looking miserable, soaking wet, and pitiful.  AnaBeth and I picked them up one-by-one and put them into their coops.  The reason they were out……”too dumb to come in out of the rain”.  I hate to be the one to tell you this if you are harboring a romantic notion that chickens are clever, witty, cerebral creatures.  Uhm, they’re not.  Also, in case you were wondering about this, the chicken “poo” all over the ground near their home becomes a slippery sludge when saturated with rain.  It was like being on a big, stinky, slip-n-slide.  

But I’m not complaining.  Chickens have many endearing qualities too.  I enjoy them every morning for breakfast!  Hope you do too!

Fabulous Fall Fotos From Foster's Farm

Love my alliteration?

Photos from the farm.  The leaves are getting really pretty.  We have a big sugar maple in the back yard that is just gorgeous. 

The white and black chicken is one of the Americanas that I showed you when they were chicks.  They’re getting big.  (they should start laying soon)

May Tree Farm Lawn Service

No time to cut the grass?  Trees need pruning?  Lawn need fertilizing?

No problem.  Call May Tree Farm Lawn Service.  We will knock down part of your fence and insert a cow.  The cow will neatly trim your grass, prune the lower branches of your trees and fertilize the lawn at the same time (think it through, you’ll get it:)

Here are pictures of Flossie maintaining our back yard.  I can’t tell you how much time it has saved us in lawn mowing!

p.s. this was her idea, not ours.  She knocked down a piece of the back fence and has been going into the back yard every day to snack.

There and Back Again....A chickens' tale

Thursday was chicken hauling day.  Keith got up in the wee hours of the morning to load the chickens into their crates.  He chose to load in the night because: a) it was slightly cooler and b) chickens are much calmer in the dark and you can handle them without stressing them. 

Our deal is Keith loads/I drive.  So, the chickens and I set out to the processing plant.  When we arrived I opened the trailer and there, perched atop the crates, cooing to herself and preening was one of the little Americana chicks.  (This is an egg-laying chicken and not destined for the processor).

I went into the trailer and caught her but I didn’t have anywhere to put her so I tossed her (gently:) into the cab of the truck and continued to unload. 

When I was ready to leave, I thought I would put her into a crate and she could ride alone in the trailer back home.  But she had other ideas. 

Her first idea was to walk back and forth across the dashboard.

Her second idea was to make a “run” for it when I opened the door.

Her third idea was to sit in the passenger seat and stare at me.

After each of her ideas, I made an attempt to catch her, so her fourth and final idea was to crawl under the truck seat so far back that I couldn’t reach her.  I gave up and headed home.

I did drive through and get her a biscuit (plain of course!) which I crumbed up and threw onto the passenger side floor board (don’t judge me, I’m usually a very tidy person).  She came out and snacked on the biscuit and then sat on the “hump” in the middle of the floorboard and ‘talked’ to me the rest of the way home.

 We bonded. 

It was beautiful.


hauling chickens1

Whew!  It's hot!

It’s been so hot lately.  We’re all doing what we can to stay cool!

The cows have been standing in the pond; often up to theirs necks in the water.   cows in pond2

The chickens have been hanging out in the shade. 

A "meat" chicken and an Americana sitting together in the shade.

A "meat" chicken and an Americana sitting together in the shade.

The pigs have been wallering in their wallers.   (I used an older picture; too hot to walk up the hill to their pen!)

This is an older picture of one of our pigs in a waller.

This is an older picture of one of our pigs in a waller.

The humans have just been sweating it out!

Y’all stay cool!

Happy 4th of July!

Hope y’all are having a great 4th!  We had some fun with our fireworks before the rain started coming down.


Good morning sunshine!

esmerelda5esmerelda6Here are some more pictures of Esmerelda.  She has assimilated into the farm fairly well.  She does fluff up her tail if any of the chickens run toward her or if anyone messes around with the trash cans.  ?? I don’t know why!  She seems to think they belong to her for some reason.

She likes to get up on the fences and the tops of the out buildings. 



And every morning when we open the door…………..she is waiting on the door mat looking in to greet us.  Good morning sunshine!esmerelda7

Some bacteria in grocery meat resistant to antibiotics: study (click to go to article)

One of the many reasons we love what we do:)

Keith came across this article while reading the news online.  Thought we’d pass it along.

Have a cigar!

Have a cigar!  We’ve had another baby.  Isn’t she lovely?

Mother and baby doing well.