There and Back Again....A chickens' tale

Thursday was chicken hauling day.  Keith got up in the wee hours of the morning to load the chickens into their crates.  He chose to load in the night because: a) it was slightly cooler and b) chickens are much calmer in the dark and you can handle them without stressing them. 

Our deal is Keith loads/I drive.  So, the chickens and I set out to the processing plant.  When we arrived I opened the trailer and there, perched atop the crates, cooing to herself and preening was one of the little Americana chicks.  (This is an egg-laying chicken and not destined for the processor).

I went into the trailer and caught her but I didn’t have anywhere to put her so I tossed her (gently:) into the cab of the truck and continued to unload. 

When I was ready to leave, I thought I would put her into a crate and she could ride alone in the trailer back home.  But she had other ideas. 

Her first idea was to walk back and forth across the dashboard.

Her second idea was to make a “run” for it when I opened the door.

Her third idea was to sit in the passenger seat and stare at me.

After each of her ideas, I made an attempt to catch her, so her fourth and final idea was to crawl under the truck seat so far back that I couldn’t reach her.  I gave up and headed home.

I did drive through and get her a biscuit (plain of course!) which I crumbed up and threw onto the passenger side floor board (don’t judge me, I’m usually a very tidy person).  She came out and snacked on the biscuit and then sat on the “hump” in the middle of the floorboard and ‘talked’ to me the rest of the way home.

 We bonded. 

It was beautiful.


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